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It is truly amazing how something as simple as a seed can shift ones life.

“When I hit menopause, I started to get very tired and very frustrated that I didn’t have my energy back. After 2 months on the seed extractions, I was at our surfing and yoga retreat in Costa Rica and I always get up at 6AM to go surfing before everybody else comes.

Then, I would surf the first two hours and stay out 8-10AM with our group . . . and then I’d take another packet of the extracts and stay out another three hours until about 1PM. They’d all ask me “Do you think we’re all wimpy because we can only surf for two hours and you’re out there for six?”

At that point I thought, “Wow! You know, that’s like my ‘normal,’ like how I used to be!” These seed extractions can sustain and play with me as long as I want to be out there!  

It doesn’t spike my energy like caffeine drinks will. It’s more long-haul energy which is what I want! I’ve never been attracted to too many products but when I started taking the seed extracts, I thought “there’s something different here.”

The fact that is was seeds really intrigued and excited me. The athletic recovery that I found with this product is amazing!”

Colleen Cannon

3X Champion Triathlete, Boulder, Colorado

My whole family is loving our seed extracts! I have to fight my four little ones to keep them out of my stash!! I find them sneaking it out to their outdoor play areas.

My teens are loving it to get thru their school days and sports!! I have loved that it helps me with my recovery time at the gym and running endurance.

This stuff is like magic. I was suffering with an injured hip flexor and injured shoulder I was seeing massage therapists and getting physical therapy.

Nothing was working for me. After not even a week on the seed extracts, I feel healed!

I believe everyone should have this in their lives!”

Toni Nelson

Drayton Valley, Alberta, Canada

Hi everyone. I am a dietitian by education, and a Certified Holistic Nutrition Health Coach now.

I’d had some very harsh gastric/digestive disorders & wasn’t able to eat anything without lots of pain & discomfort for weeks, I made my own juicing protocol, based on detoxing and re-energizing plans that are out there.

It worked . . . but it was time consuming and not very cost effective to make the green-juices, the berry and red-veggie/fruit blends and then making sure I was adding in the proper proteins and fats.  

Then I found out about the seed extracts. They are exactly what I would recommend and make for anyone looking to heal anything! So, my “trial” of all 3 products came in the way of training to run in a 10k race.

I used them all in combination as nutrition, re-fueling and re-building in training runs, weight lifting sessions and as recovery after the actual run.

I was less tired, had less soreness and recovered faster than with following my typical routine. They are top notch!”

Carolyn Caruso

Canadensis, Pennsylvania

“Rain seed-nutrition radically changed my health and life.

Dealing with a brain tumor in 2017 was overwhelming as it completely altered my life. I needed assistance with my children, I couldn’t drive, my life shifted in an uncomfortable way.

While waiting for brain surgery, I started taking 2 Soul for inflammation and 2 Core for cellular detox and nourishment each day, thinking it would help me keep me nourished and my strength up.

Well, 3 months later, after the pre-op MRI my surgeon called to inform me that the procedure was no longer needed as, to his total surprise, my tumor was completely gone. Where there was once a tumor, now was empty space – it dissolved.

The power in these seeds was life altering for me, it gave me my life back.

I NEVER miss a day of taking my seeds.”



I’m a prostate cancer survivor, and with help of this little seed my PSA score went from 0.08 to 0.01.

At age 52 I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. On January 17, 2017 I had radical prostatectomy surgery. My bloodwork stayed steady at 0.03 for the first six months. Then suddently it started to climb.

My doctor advised me to start radiation treatments. I looked for other options.

In February 2020 I was introduced to Rain. I researched seed nutrition, and started taking Soul, Core and Bend.

Within 72 hours, I started having more energy. Still being sceptical I needed to get my PSA score.

On June 20, 2020 I had blood done, and am excited to say, my PSA score is 0.01. THATS RIGHT!!! Lower than my post surgery score of 0.03.

I am so grateful for this little seed, I want to share my story with everyone.”



“I have so many stories to share about Rain, that of which have led me to partner with the company, but I will pick just one.

In Feb 2019 I had a debilitating back incident. Not only did my back lock up badly, but I instantly lost all strength in my thigh/quad muscle, which left me unable to walk.

I have had these episodes in the past, but this time it wasn’t resolving on its own. I was literally disabled. I had to go on short term disability at work.

My husband had to take over all responsibility in the home and with our children.

It was life altering. I had physio & osteo every other day. I rested. Stretching only made it worse. Nothing helped. I could not regain the power in my quad enough to walk.

The MRI showed multiple points of degeneration, narrowing of the foramen and also multiple cysts enveloping the nerves in my sacral area. Now the loss of quad strength made sense.

I decided to increase my intake of Soul to 3 packets a day, as I had read that Soul has helped others with cysts.

3 days later I was walking. I wasn’t in perfect condition, by no means, but I…was…walking. It had been 2 months since I could walk this way.

This was the gateway to my recovery. From that point on I improved. May 2019 I got back to work and got back to life.

I was already in love with this seed nutrition, but after this radical experience, I was (and am still) over the moon.

Rain can change lives, from something small to something grand. If it affects your daily living in any way, it changes your life.”



“For many years I have been suffering with chronic lower back pain and was dealing with pain killers and all of the side effects that are associated. Some days the pain was so horrible I could hardly move and it was very hard to get out of bed.

In October of 2017 I was told about a product that completely eliminated my friends arthritis pain and chronic pain and gave him his mobility back. Being sick of my own pain I decided to try.

It was by far one of the best gifts I had given myself in  years. I love this natural product line and by taking just one Soul a day, I actually forget that I have back pain.

Soul is a fabulous product and I highly recommend it to anyone suffering in pain or just wanting to be proactive with their health.”



“I was diagnosed with MS Jan 3/2006. I had multiple issues leading to that point, fatigue, weakness, over active bladder, brain fog, anxiety, as well as two generating discs in my lower back, and a bulging disc in my neck which I had fixed by surgery. I was in misery and so much pain, my quality of life was non existent. My health and mobility SLOWLY and GRADUALLY CONTINUED TO DECLINE, I FOUND IT HARD TO WALK EVEN WITH THE AID OF A WALKER.

Medication for my MS did not work, so over the last 12 yrs, I realize now that my MS was secondary progressive with no treatment available . I have traveled many miles around the world, from NL to Ottawa to Germany , looking for anything or anyone, to give me some hope and possibly give back, some of what I lost both physically, and mentally… it cost many dollars but with no success.

I HAD NO BALANCE, I COULDN’T MOVE WITH OUT ASSISTANCE, I couldn’t dress without help. There were times I had to wait for my worker to come, to help me out of bed. I haven’t being able to make my bed, blow dry my hair or straighten it, or to do my foot care , to cook, or open a water for myself, I have had to pace myself for every day living, a shower one day, and a outing the next, and so on.

There was nothing…until…RAIN!!!

I didn’t realize how my life would change in February 2020 I was SO lucky to be introduced to this powerful anti -inflammatory by my care worker. I was intrigued because she was not in pain any more, 100 % gone

As of February the 12th I took a bend and 15 hrs later I woke. OMG, I NEVER FELT ANYTHING LIKE IT! MY BODY WAS ALIVE ….MY HAND I COULD OPEN….


I never dreamed I would be regaining my mobility and my life, and with natural yet powerful nutrition, but when you take a serious look at the science, it makes complete sense . I am so happy and excited that I feel like shouting from the rooftops so more people will understand what this program can do to improve their one and only life! I KNOW what it is like to feel HOPELESS and in PAIN, and I know there are people out there who live that way. I just want everyone to be as HAPPY and HOPEFUL as I am.” 



“I had been living with chronic pain from a bulged disc and osteoarthritis for years, and I was fed up with dealing with my unbearable pain, unable to sleep at nights, trouble walking and even sitting.

Within two weeks of taking 2 Soul and 1 Core a day I could feel a change. I was more energetic, sleeping better and less pain.

One month later, consistently taking 2 Soul and 1 Core daily, the pain was completely eliminated !! The realization of my enhanced quality of life hit me hard one day when I was showcasing Gros Morne with some friends. While on the beach, and without thought, I climbed up some rocks to get a better photo . Then it hit me ‘I could never have done that just one month ago!!’

I am still pain free, taking a maintenance program of 1 Soul a day and 2 – 3 Core per week. This program is easy, it is portable, and is a must try!!

I see so many people in pain like I was and I cannot stop talking about this exceptional nutrition program. For anyone who seeks a better quality of life, more energy, pain free, sleeping well and feeling more vibrant than ever I highly recommend that they incorporate Seed Nutrition Therapy into their lives. It works !”



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Rain nourishes the body in all the ways that YOU need. Whether you are seeking improved health or athletic capabilities, it all works the same way.  Bringing the body the nutrients it needs to thrive.

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